How Do You Choose The Most Reliable Towing Service


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You could get a gas leak or have an unflat tire, end up in an accident, or even have a breakdown. In times of crisis it is important to be ready. Finding a reliable and fast towing service is crucial. This is how to find an experienced and reliable towing business.

When To Call on towing services

Without a tow vehicle, the vehicle could become out of control and leave you waiting in the dark until someone arrives to help. A professional towing service San Jose however, is preferred since they are equipped with the equipment and tools to fix a variety of car issues.

A tow truck is equipped to assist you in the following problems:

Vehicle jump-starts

Installation of batteries

Engine failures

Flat tire

Car locked out

Towing on flatbeds

Once your vehicle has been hooked up to a tow truck it is important to ensure that your vehicle is being handled in a professional manner and that you're not being misled by the tow truck company.

How to choose the right towing company

It is advisable to choose a towing company before you're in need of one. Here's what you can get from our towing service.

Here are some guidelines to help you select the right towing company to make sure you can contact them in the event of trouble.

Research Ratings

It is important to examine the credibility of any towing company before you make a decision. Speak to those whom you trust, family colleagues, friends or neighbors about what towing services they trust.

But you also want to be sure to look for reviews online too. It is possible to ask your Facebook group directly for service recommendations, and find reviews for local businesses through Google, Yelp, Yellowpages, or Angieslist.

Good reviews are important. Find the average rating between 4 and five. See what other customers are saying about their experiences with different towing companies. A company that is active by submitting reviews shows they take great care of their clients. While experience in towing is important however, it does not guarantee top service.

Learn about the kinds of towing options available

While heavy duty towing San Jose firms provide specific type of service, others provide all services. When you find yourself in a pinch, do some research on the services offered by every local service.

Towing services that offer 24/7 roadside assistance are vital in the event of breakdown. A towing service for interstates is required if you plan to transport a vehicle across states. Some towing companies offer only towing, while others offer auto body shops.

BIG TRUCK TOW provides towing services 24 hours a day and has a certified auto body shop that can provide collision repair, automotive detailing including tire alignment, glass and window repair, as well as wash and vacuum.

Reliability & Experience

The most reliable towing companies are ones that provide 24/7 roadside assistance. Towing companies that do not offer this option can react at their own pace, regardless of the situation you are in, which could lead to situations in which they are highly unreliable to provide high-quality service.

A proven track record of experience in towing is important. It will be more difficult for a new business to prove they are worthy of the money.

BIG TRUCK TOW has been in the towing business for over many years! It's hard to find another company that has this long-standing experience in the field, however be sure to find a business with at minimum several years of reliable expertise.

Does insurance cover the towing Expense?

Before hiring a tow truck service, make sure to check with your insurance to find out if they'll cover the cost. You will be responsible for the towing costs if the towing company does not work with your insurance company. Make note of which towing companies cooperate with which insurance companies while looking for local towing companies.

BIG TRUCK TOW is able to work with any insurance company. Seek out towing services that at least work with your insurance company.


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